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Welcome to Quander Road’s Garden an Introduction!

Hello! Welcome to the Garden.  It all began three years ago as a field behind the school! Since then our garden has evolved into a place of growth for both plants and our students.  The staff and students have worked hard over the past three years to build what we have so far and continue to create and add more each year.  This first post is just the beginning of what will become an ever growing blog that will follow our garden as it grows.

Over the next couple of weeks we will feature different staff, volunteers, and classes that play key roles in the success of our garden! But let’s start with a basic tour of the garden and what we have thus far…so here we go!

Our Garden Center

Inside our school building is an area dedicated to sowing seeds, watering seedlings, creating plans for the upcoming season, keeping a mini garden library, drying out seeds, and housing our wonderful worm farm!

photo credit: Brooke LaPorta

Our Vegetable and Herb Garden

We have both raised and ground level vegetable beds in the front half of our fence area. We have a picnic table for outdoor classes and hope to add a second on soon! The picnic tables are often used as an outdoor setting for classroom learning. There’s nothing like fresh air to keep minds alert and active!



     photo credit: Brooke LaPorta

Pollinator and Native Garden Space

In this space we have a sitting area, native plants, as well as other regional plants that attract pollinators.  Students designed and created multiple bird feeders out of scrap materials! In our shop class a lot of material is recycled.  As you can see PVC pipes turn into a wonderful bird feeder. This area can be used during lunch, for group activities, lessons, and just relaxing.


     photo credit: Brooke LaPorta

Native Meadow

This is the area outside of the fence it was created by turning the soil (Thanks Huntley Meadows Park Staff!) and then watching what grows. This year the students will help identify the nonnative species and we will be adding more native plants in the Fall.  We already have had two pairs of blue birds, foxes, hawks, deer, rabbits and more visit the meadow.  Students are building bluebird boxes to place in the field in hopes of having bluebirds nesting here.  This area is to help support native wildlife as well as an Ecology study for our students.


     photo credit: Brooke LaPorta


We have set up compost bins in several place inside and outside of the school building.  Students and staff are encouraged to bring in usable compost waste that will feed our garden beds in the coming weeks and months.

Photo Credit: Brooke LaPorta

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