Meet Dani!

IMG_5110.JPGThe first of our featured staff is the wonder Danielle Boutte! She has helped us set up the garden center, prepare the garden for spring, spent a whole day reorganizing the garden shed (it was a mess!), guided students in different activities both in and out of the garden, and sets an example of what a student (and teacher) of environmental education looks like to our students.  I could go on and on but instead I’m going to let Dani tell you a bit more about herself! Take it away Dani!

My name is Dani, and I am an intern at Quander Road School. I am a senior at George Mason University majoring in the field of Parks and Outdoor Recreation. I have a large background with horticulture as I grew up on a farm and learned more as I grew up in school which is why I love working with the kids and seeing all the progress we make with the garden.

What brought me to Quander was a program called Get2Green which helps schools get their students back outside to appreciate and help our Earth stay healthy.  I believe it is not only important but imperative that students are taught ways to help clean the environment and taught about how some actions can negatively affect nature. An easy way to do this is by having students learn to garden. In addition to teaching how to live sustainably, gardening may reduce the use of GMO foods, the need of factories which pollute the air, reduce tremendous amounts of plastics and papers that are produced for buying produce at your local grocery store. It further allows younger generations to see that there is life that supports us and that we need to support it.

My favorite hobbies are vast, I am a photographer and love photographing nature, I love Spartan races, and to cut the list off before I rant I also love playing piano.

From left to right: Taking pictures for the blog! Showing a student how to collect soil samples. Planting natives in our pollinator garden.  Working away in our Garden Center.                                                                                                                                    ~Photos by Brooke LaPorta

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