We have invaders!

We have invaders! They come at night and in the early morning hours before dawn.  They force entry into the garden, assault our veggies and pull up our native plants! Who are these ANIMALS that have no regard for our hard work and dedication?  They leave behind nothing but stubs of what once were tomato plants (see picture below!) and droppings (I will spare you from that picture!).FullSizeRender.jpgYes droppings the nerve! Who would do such a thing! After researching the bite marks and the droppings students determined it was…DEER!!

That’s right DEER! Bambi and his family has declared war on our little garden here at Quander! What are we to do you ask? What we always do here at Quander fight back! WE are INNOVATIVE and RESILIENT here at Quander and we don’t just give up!

So here’s what staff and students have been doing to take back our garden!


TAKE THAT DEER! That’s right DEER! We have heard your battle cry, now hear (see) ours!

Stay tune to see if it works!



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