Meet Barbara one of our wonderful volunteers!


PicTapGo-Image.jpgHello! I am excited to introduce Barbara Elkin! Barbara is one of our fantastic volunteers! She has brought such a vast amount of knowledge that is so rich in information to us that I don’t know what we’d be doing without her. She implemented the worm farm here at Quander as well as giving us many of her heirloom tomato plants that she started from seed at home. We are so excited to have her here at Quander but let me let her tell you a little more about herself! Take it away Barbara…

Hi I’m Barbara, I am so excited to be volunteering with the Quander School garden program this year. I have been a serious gardener at my home in New Alexandria for the past 37 years, focusing primarily on vegetables, annuals, and perennials in both my back and front yards.  In the 1980’s I trained as a Master Gardener, and spent many years working every Saturday at the Old Town Farmer’s Market plant clinic.   Last June I retired from the Disability Rights Section of the U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division and was delighted to find that I could put my love of gardening to work so close to home as a volunteer with the Garden program.   I am also a serious worm composter, and am enjoying teaching the students about worm composting in their own classroom worm farm.  I raise unusual varieties of tomatoes from seed in my basement and am happy to see some of my plants growing in the school garden’s raised beds.  I look forward to seeing the garden program grow and hope to be involved for a long time.




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