What’s been happening!

So much has been happening here in the garden as well in our classes! Here are a few pictures!

The students have build a new compost bin and it is such a beauty! As well as planting in all of the raised beds!


We have native flowers blooming and of course we have all learned that some of the 17 year cicadas have emerged 4 years early!

Cicadas and Blooms! 

For those who weren’t aware Farmer Chris dropped off some eggs which we have hatched and are getting BIG! The students and staff were surprised to learned that not ALL chickens are yellow!


And the students are learning that chickens will eat right out of your hand!


Students and staff also learned that turtles can lay eggs even when unfertilized! They learned that if the eggs stay inside the turtle she can become egg bound and it can make her ill and even cause her to die.  Thanks to Dr. Stahl  we know that  Lily Snapper is carrying 11 eggs and we can expect them any day now! (more to come on that later)


Finally staff and students have gotten all of the wonderful native plants from Earth Sangha’s wild plant nursery planted in our pollinator garden!


Next we will be planting in our native meadow stay tuned…


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