The Coast Guard PIE Program!

The Coast Guard has been instrumental in the development and growth of the garden this year! Through their PIE program, Quander students and staff have been able to work with and meet many wonderful Coast Guard members and our garden has benefited greatly as well.  But let me allow SN Carl Weaver, whom I have worked the most with this year in my Biology and Geosystems classes, explain a little more about the program. Take it away Carl…


The Coast Guard actively participates in their communities through a variety of programs, such as the Partnerships in Education (PIE) Program. The PIE Program encourages Coast Guard men and women, including active duty, reserve, civilians, contractors, and auxiliary members to participate in school and community activities approved by their local command. These volunteers work directly with students to heighten their awareness of traditional Coast Guard values: drug-free lifestyles, emphasis on scholarship, personal initiative, responsibility, and individual self-worth. The PIE Program also works in the classroom, fostering education and growth. Quander Road School is an approved facility for the Coast Guard Telecommunications and Information Systems Command (TISCOM).

Top picture is at the start of clean up in September, Bottom picture is after! 

The volunteers from TISCOM have been helping in the Quander Road School garden project. In September 2016, they cleared the excessive growth (some plants were nearly 6 feet tall) from the garden, relocated several structures, and tilled the vegetable rows.


After the winter, the Coast Guard volunteers returned in March 2017 and mowed the grass in the garden, filled the planters with mulch and soil, pulled weeds, tilled the garden, and laid a wood mulch path. They returned again in April to assist in maintaining the garden.




One thought on “The Coast Guard PIE Program!

  1. It’s amazing to see what can be accomplished when all ages get together. What they learn from each other is great. Keep it up. Can’t wait to read more about this.


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