Welcome to Quander Road High School’s environmental education blog! Our main source of environmental education is through our garden! We have a fenced area that consists of two gardens in the front there is a vegetable gardening area with rows of veggies as well as raised beds that our students built! The back half of the garden has native plants and herbs as well as a sitting area in the middle! Finally there is a native meadow behind our fenced garden. What do we do with all of this natural space? We teach, learn and grow! How? Through the following activities our student expand their knowledge in Math, History, English, Art, Design Tech, Gym & Health, Nutrition, Cooking, and Science classes:

  • Composting both inside the building and outside.
  • Growing edible herbs and veggies to use in Cooking and Health classes.
  • Designing the layout of the garden and building raised beds, walking paths, bird feeders (designed by students), and picnic tables for outdoor classes.
  • Pollinator and wildlife gardens
  • This year (2017) students have built Bird boxes. We plan on collecting the data for the Virginia Bluebird Society.
  • School wide recycling
  • We have a worm farm (indoors)
  • A dedicated indoor Garden Center where we start seedlings with our grow cart.
  • Owl boxes in along our tree line.
  • Keying out plant species in ecology classes.

Stay tuned as we add to this list!

Finally, we have wonderful community of volunteers who work with our students weekly.  A fabulous GMU intern here every Thursday.  We have a group of Coast Guard Volunteers through their P.I.E. program who have been paramount in the set up and design of the garden. Matt Bright and his team from Earth Sangha http://www.earthsangha.org/ have supplied us with all the native plants in our meadow and pollinator garden. VA Master Gardeners and Naturalists. Farmer Chris Guerre from mapleavenuemarket.com helps us with all things vegetable and deer repellent related!  As well as help from the wonderful Naturalists at Huntley Meadows Park.